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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Alpaca Birthing

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The alpaca gestation period is +/- 335 days and can be up to 30 days longer.

Most births happen during the daytime between 7 AM and 2 PM.

Late in the day or night time births can indicate a problem.

These crias may need special care so keep a close watch on them and check with your vet.

The following are some normal alpaca birthing signs you can watch out for:

2 weeks prior to birthing you may see the alpaca returning often to one spot (she's choosing a place to birth).

Alpaca rolling, sitting alone more, and sitting down more will also be a sign.

There will also be a slight increase in udder size and a little discharge at vulva.

2-6 hours prior to birth you may notice restlessness, discomfort, lots of humming, frequent visits to dung pile, isolation from the herd, tail is up often and discharge from vulva.

Birth is close (1-2 hours) when you notice increased rolling, swelling of the vulva, lying down and getting up often, straining over dung pile with little results, alpaca trying to look under her tail, tail is up continuously and back is arched.

If you notice a very wet tail her water has broken and birth is very close. Have your cria kit ready!

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