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Saturday, September 24, 2016

What is Alpaca?

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Alpaca is a domesticated animal of the family camel widespread in the South American Andes.

It is not clearly proven whether Alpaca descended from the wild Guanaco or Vicuna (two other species of camelidae that have not been domesticated), or is a hybrid of the two species.

Alpaca lives in large herds in South American hills to the border of vegetation zones.

Due to the long fine wool, it has been domesticated in South American countries since long time ago.

Alpacas have long, relatively thin legs, long and slenderneck with a small head, and like other American camels, they don’t have a hump.

Alpaca is ligher and smaller than llama, while one adult could weighy typically between 55 and 65 kg.

The most common is single color alpaca, usually brown, black or bluish gray, and in rare cases, two-color or freckles.

The staple length of the alpaca fiber is from three to six inches in one year of growth.

Like all the animals of the family of camels, alpacas are social animals and the best feeling in the group.

They are herbivores and feed almost exclusively grasses, as well as other camels belong to ruminants but have a stomach divided into four sections, which helps digest food.

Females after a period of pregnancy od 240-345 days angles usually one cub that in South America called "Cria".

Female nurse the calf 6-8 months, who at the age of 12 to 24 months reaches sexual maturity.

Then in the 1950s it became accepted that both were descended from guanacos, and this was reflected in their scientific names – Lama glama for llamas and Lama pacos for alpacas (the guanacos being Lama guanicoe).

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